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Let's Talk Wedding Cakes!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Congratulations on your engagement! Whether you are finishing up your wedding planning or just getting started, there is one thing that all weddings need - the cake (or cakes). Having been in the cake business for 10 plus years, I have come across many similar questions about wedding cakes. Here are some things to consider at your wedding cake consultation. Let’s talk cake!

Guest Count

This number does not have to be exact but it is helpful if you can get it as close as possible. It will help determine what size cake you will need. I typically advise my couples to aim for a little less cake servings than the actual guess count. A good rule of thumb is to have as many cake slices as 85% of the guest count. For most weddings, some guests won’t eat cake and some guests will leave early. But if you want to be sure every invited guest will have a slice of cake, we can plan for that as well.

Cake Budget

Your cake will be a focal point of your wedding so you want to budget enough to get the cake of your dreams. The cost of a wedding cake depends on the size and design. The more servings you need and the more elaborate the design, the more the cake will cost. For more pricing information, go to our wedding page.

The Myth About Faux Tiers

Faux tiers do not save you as much money as most couples think (usually it is about 10% less expensive). Why? Because the faux cake still needs to be decorated and faux tiers cost money to buy. Definitely consider faux tiers if you want the look of a larger cake but don’t need such a large amount of servings.

The Groom’s Cake

You don’t have to get one but it sure is fun! If you’re getting a groom’s cake you should add this towards the total number of cake servings. Some brides like to surprise their grooms with a design that specifically speaks to the groom. Other times the groom prefers to pick out his own cake design. Either way, a groom’s cake should be fun and a great conversation piece. At the consultation, knowing ahead of time what the groom wants or likes will really help me design a unique cake for him.

Book Early

We are a boutique cakery that bakes your cake to order and we want you to have the freshest cake possible on your wedding day. Our decorators decorate your wedding cake the day before it is due which often means we stay very late that night to make sure your cake is completed. Which in turn means that we can only accept a certain number of wedding cakes for each weekend. This will ensure that a lot of attention goes into your cake design and that it’s perfect for your big day.

We recommend that you book your cake with us at least 6 months before your wedding date and we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your cake date.

Sugar Flowers vs Silk Flowers vs Fresh Flowers vs Buttercream Flowers

Sugar flowers are super impressive and the way to go if you have the budget for it. Each petal is handcrafted and takes a lot of man hours to create. They are then dusted with colors and bound by hand to resemble real ones.

Silk flowers are popular with my brides because it takes very little care for it to be placed onto the cake. If you plan to purchase these, be careful with the ones you find. The more realistic ones can cost anywhere from $7-$15+ per stem. Avoid getting silk flowers for your wedding cake at the dollar store by all means! They will look fake and cheap and ultimately ruin the look of your wedding cake. Of course, we can select and purchase silk flowers for you as well and take that item off your to-do list.

Fresh flowers {typically provided by the florist} will coordinate with the other flowers in your wedding decorations. They will need to be placed on the cake at the venue either by the florist or by one of our staff members. We cannot accept fresh flowers at the bakery because we don’t have the proper means to hold them overnight and cannot be responsible for them wilting.

Buttercream flowers can be made in a variety of techniques and they are a beautiful option if you want your entire cake to be truly edible. They could be piped florals or applied using a palette knife to create a floral design.

Play with Colors, Shapes, and Textures

Most of the wedding cakes I make are white but every now and then I get a daring bride and it makes my heart so happy! Nothing makes more of a statement then a bold color choice for your cake. I’m talking about black or emerald green! Florals look truly dramatic on a black cake and you will surely be envied by other brides that didn’t dare to do it.

Round tiers are the norm but you can add a hexagon tier in there to make it more interesting. I love modern square cakes with sharp clean edges or adding textures like ruffles, gold leaf and lace that will draw the eyes in to see the little details.


Whether you are getting married in Sugar Land or farther away, we can deliver! All of our cakes will be doweled and supported to ensure that it arrives at the venue intact. We charge a delivery fee based on distance to your venue. If you decide that this is an added cost that you want to save, please send a responsible friend with a SUV that can fit a large shipping box. Once your friend leaves our bakery with the cake, we are not responsible for what happens during transport. Scary thought, I know! If you don’t want to risk it, let us deliver it.

Cake Stand

Repeat after me, “I need a cake stand.” Whether you have your own or you rent one from us, all cakes look more impressive when it is elevated off the table. It could be a simple crate or an elaborate floral base. And it should highlight your cake and not look out of place.

There is just so much more I can talk about cakes but I think these are fantastic starting points for you to think about before your consultation. I really enjoy meeting all of the couples because it gives me a chance to know you better. I love hearing about your love story. Cakes are my love language and I want nothing but perfection for your cake on your BIG day. Cutting the cake and sharing it with your guest is the sweetest way to end your wedding celebration. I want to make your wedding cake! Send us an inquiry today to set up a consultation.

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