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A Sprinkle of Pixie-dust

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

{I received free products in order to host a #NowMoreThanEver playdate party. The opinions expressed here are my own.}

photo credit: @AndWhetherPigsHaveWings

It's never too early to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Disney. You can bring the magic of Walt Disney World right into your home by hosting your very own #NowMoreThanEver Disney Play-date! I was one of the lucky moms chosen to host a Disney play-date for my two-year old daughter and a dozen of her friends this July. It was absolutely magical, both for the children and their parents.

Disney sent us a themed box filled with party supplies {table cover, balloons, plates, cups, napkins, streamers, mickey masks, pinata and a fabulous Minnie Ears that I kept for myself}, sponsored items, and activities that made this #NowMoreThanEver Disney Play-date dream come true. There were a variety of themed boxes that went out and ours just happened to be a Mickey Mouse theme {we couldn't be any happier}. We streamed live on Instagram as we unboxed the Disney package so that we could share the joy that it brought to us.

What really stood out was the sponsored items like the Cinderella dress and matching doll that JAKKS Pacific sent to us. My daughter's eyes lit up when she saw it and that doll hasn't left her side since. If there is a Disney toy that your child loves, it's most likely that this company was behind it. JAKKS Pacific has been designing and creating toys since 1965 and they truly know how to capture Disney in their toys.

Included in the box was a delectable popcorn cake from Popped Passion that served as the centerpiece for my dessert table. What is a popcorn cake? Think marshmallowy rice cereal treats but with popcorn instead. It's customizable and can be topped with candy, nuts, fried fruits, sprinkles, and a drizzle of your choice. Our popcorn cake was adorned with gummy bears and an oreo cookie to resemble MIckey's silhouette. {I'm still dreaming about it. mmmmmm.....}

I was over the moon excited to see a Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet in the box! Pillow Pets have always been a favorite for my children. It was the perfect pillow to take to preschool for nap time and to travel with in our cars for long road trips. I love that there are so many different characters available now and I wanted to make sure that we shared it with a lucky friend at our #NowMoreThanEver Disney Play-date.

Disney truly thought of everything for this play-date party because in this box there was a coupon for a free Michael Angelo's frozen meal. We love Michael Angelo's lasagna in my house. There are days when I work really long hours and cooking is the last thing I really want to do when I get home. I love the convenience of their frozen meals and that there are no preservatives! My kids would tell other moms that I make the BEST lasagna and I get asked for a recipe often. It's quite hilarious when I have to explain that all I did was pop it into the oven and serve it to them.

The Party

I created a private event on Facebook and used that for my invitations. A handful of families with children between the ages of 2-5 were invited so that I could make sure all activities were for the right age range. All guests were encouraged to dress as a beloved Disney character or in their favorite Disney gear.

My family and I created a balloon arch for our entryway where guests can pose for photos with Mickey themed props before entering the party area. I also provided Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse headbands that I ordered through Amazon for each of my guests. Our guests decorated tie-dyed Mickey sugar cookies that I saw on DisneyEats and my daughter helped me make adorable Mickey and Friends card stock toppers for our mini cakes that we used for the cake walk {Disney sent a link to their playlist on Apple Music that really helped make the cake walk a blast}. We also played a few rounds of Pin-The-Nose on Mickey and it was a hoot watching the kids try to locate his nose after being spun a few times. Our closing activity was opening the pinata and it was the perfect time to wrap the party up {it was nap time for a lot of our young party guests}.

The play-date party was held early in the morning so I made a platter of pigs-in-the-blankets and fresh fruits. There was a bowlful of Mickey shaped veggie chips and Mickey themed goldfish crackers as well. The kids had Disney themed fruit juice boxes and free range to pick from the Mickey themed dessert table that included cake pops and french macarons. Each guest went home with a bag of Mickey themed mini cookies as a party favor.

Exciting things brewing at Disney

Now more than ever is the perfect time to start planning your next Disney vacation! A lot of exciting things are slated to happen this year at the theme parks and you don't want to miss out on all of the fun. Disney is offering a 2-night/2-day My First Disney Getaway Package for two adults and one child between the ages of 3-9. This will include a 2-park pass and 2-night stay in a standard room at a select Disney All-Star resort for $999!

After hosting this Disney #NowNowThanEver Play-date I wanted to take my kids back to Disney now more than EVER! My four older kids are all school age but they yearn for Disney as much as I do. My youngest daughter is in love with everything Disney {aren't we all?} and I want her to experience the magic of Disney. I want to see her eyes light up and hear her squeals as she sees her favorite characters come to life. There really is something truly magical when you experience Walt Disney World as a child. I didn't get to visit Disney until I was an adult so I want to make sure that all of my children got to fully experience the wonderful world of Disney. Since adopting her all I ever wanted to do was give her the world.

"Every adventure requires a first step" Alice, Alice in Wonderland

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