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Celebration Cakes

Cakes celebrate an important day, event or milestone in your life - a new child, a birthday, an anniversary. 

That's why TSB wants to make sure you have the most amazing cakes to celebrate those moments. 
There are endless possibilities when designing celebration cakes. The cakes shown in our galleries below give you a starting point, but they are not intended to be a catalogue. We want to design a cake unique for your celebration.


The following are the base prices for our most popular cake sizes. The final price will depend on the design and details of your cake. We can make cakes in all shapes and sizes so please contact us for more information.

Our minimum charge for custom cakes is $250.
ONE-TIER 9″ round fondant cake (20-24 servings)
    Most designs average $325-$475+
TWO-TIER (6″& 9″) round fondant cake (30-36 servings)
    Most designs average $$450-$600+
THREE-TIER (6″, 9″& 12″) round cake (70-75 servings)
    Most designs average $600-$850+

FOUR-TIER OR TALLER - Contact us for more information.
    Starts at $500 and can go over $2000+


CAKE: vanilla, funfetti, chocolate, marble, strawberry, lemon, red velvet, mint chocolate, almond, carrot, chocolate chip, banana, coconut, apple spice, Italian cream, Gluten-Free vanilla, Gluten-Free chocolate

FILLINGS: vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, strawberry, caramel, cream cheese, raspberry, mocha, cookies & cream, nutella, white chocolate, almond, lemon, chocolate ganache, peanut butter, amaretto, dulce de leche, coconut, kahlua, irish cream, German chocolate, peach, mango, passion fruit, blueberry, guava

Celebration Cake Galleries


Kid's Celebration Cakes


Adult Birthday Cakes


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3 tier graduation cake

Graduation Cakes

Specialty Sculpted Cakes

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Other Celebration Cakes

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