Hot Chocolate Bombs

$4.95 each

Our newest offering is a premium Guittard Chocolate sphere filled with premium Ghiradelli chocolate and cocoa powder and lots of marshmallows. Place in a large mug, pour hot milk on the bomb and see the magic happen!


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Our Flavors

- Classic Hot Chocolate

- Mexican Hot Choc

- Mint Mocha

- Pumpkin Spice

- White Chocolate

- Peppermint White Choc

- Gingerbread Hot Choc


we can now ship

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Special Choc Bombs

$7.95 each

We have fun, decorated hot chocolate bombs for the holidays. Each design is filled with our Classic Hot Choc Mix and marshmallows.

CUSTOM Choc Bombs

We can also make custom choc bombs with your corporate, school or church logo. 

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we can now ship

call us to inquire about cost