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Custom Cookies

Starts at $7.00 each.
Most designs are $7.00-$9.50 each.

Custom decorated sugar cookies are delicious ways to enhance the theme and decor of your event. They can be made in almost any shape, color and design from whimsical cartoons to elegant floral patterns. We also make custom logo cookies for corporate events.

There is a minimum of 2 dozen for custom cookie orders and a minimum charge of $168 per order. See our gallery below for examples of designs we have made. Contact us for more information or to place an order.

Custom Cookies

Tooth/Dentist Cookies
Princess Tiana Cookies
Jurassic World Cookies
Doggie Themed Cookies
Blue Velociraptor Custom Cookies
Harry Potter Cookies
Toy Story Cookies
Shark/Sea Animal Cookies
Cardinals Custom Cookies
Paw Patrol Cookies
Paris themed Cookies
Pokemon Cookies
Schitt's Creek Cookies
Graduation Cookies
Unicorn and Rainbow Cookies
Watermelon Birthday Cookies
Pho Real Custom Cookies
Barbie Cookies
Baby Yoda Custom Cookies
Patron Tequila Cookies
Halloween Party Custom Cookies
Spa Day Custom Cookies
Seashell & Starfish Cookies
Cowboy Birthday Cookies
Golden Girls Custom Cookies
Boy Baptism Cookies
Fun Wedding Cookies
Gold Engagement Cookies
Outer Space Custom Cookies
Slime Custom Cookies
Cowboy 1st Birthday Cookies
Fun Dinosaur Cookies
Asian Engagement Cookies
Harry Potter Baby Shower Cookies
Dreamcatcher Custom Cookies
Two Legit Custom Cookies
Ryan's World Custom Cookies
Winnie the Pooh Custom Cookies
Bridal Shower Cookies
Nurse's Birthday Cookies
Moana Custom Cookies
Baby Shower Cookies
Unicorn and Rainbow Cookies
Finding Nemo Cookies
Lorax Cookies
Wedding Monogram Cookies
Bridal Shower Cookies
Hot Air Balloon Cookies
Ninjago Cookies
Baby Shower Cookies
Panda Bear Cookies
Bridal Shower Cookies
Troop Beverly Hills Cookies
Baby Shark Cookies
LOL Dolls Custom Cookies
Crawfish Cookies
Dinosaur Footprint Cookies
Baptism cookies
Paw Patrol Cookies
Basketball Custom Cookies
Olaf Frozen Cookies
Special Wedding day
Where the Wild Things Are Cookies
Monster Cookies
PJ Mask Cookies
Yoshi Cookies
Mickey Mouse Cookies
Peter Pan soars the sky once more
Unicorn/Rainbow Cookies
Cars Lightning McQueen Cookies
Railroad Train Cookies
Engagement Cookies
Black Panther Cookies
Minnie Mouse Cookies
Unicorn Cookies
Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Pusheen Cookies
#80's life
Your a mean one Mr.Grinch
Birthday cookie set
Fiesta Themed Cookies
You can't catch me!
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair
Avengers Cookies
Christmas paint you own cookies!
Wedding belt buckle wedding cookies
Strake Jesuit Graduation Cookies
Paw Patrol Cookies
USA, USA! Oh wait this is Texans cookies
Instagram, not sponsored
Finding Nemo Cookies
La la La la, Elmo's world
BOO! Trick or Treat?!
Shark Cookies
Roses are red violets are blue
duh duh, duh duh
Piano/Music Notes Cookies
Back to school mini cookie set
Princess crown cookies
Back to school cookie set
Cactus, first birthday cookies
Baptism cookies
Harry your a wizard!
Chanel cookies
Flamingo 21st birthday cookies
Anchor Bridal cookies
Makeup cookies
Mickey and Minie Mouse Cookies
Dinosaur Cookies
Baby Shower Bib Cookies
New Hampshire Pig Cookies
Dentist Cookies
Tropical Island Cookies
Texas Cookies
Valentine Cookies
Batman Birthday Cookies
Boy Baby Shower Cookies
Sailor Cookies
Horse Cookies
Graduation Cookies
Texas Cookies
LadyBug Cookies
Baby Shower Cookies
Baby Shower Cookies
Baptism Cookies
Petron Tequila Cookies
Summer's Fun Cookies
Lets Go Rockets!
National Donut Day Cookies
Cactus Cookies
France Cookies
Play-Doh Cookies
Mexican Baby Shower Cookies
Pizza Chef Cookies
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cookies
Happy Holidays Cookies
Wedding Day Cookies
Gotta Catch Them All!
Houston Astros Cookies
Halloween Cookies
Pirate and Mermaid Birthday Cookies
Baseball Cookies
Sloth Cookies
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