Specialty Sculpted Cakes

For something truly special, order an one-of-kind 3D sculpted cake to truly wow your family and guests. These cakes require a lot of time to design, build and create due to their complex shape and details. Prices for these cakes start at $350 and can go beyond $1000 for the most elaborate designs.

3D Sculpted Unicorn Cake

Air Jordan 11 Sculpted Cake

Goyard Duffel Bag Sculpted Cake

Lady Dior Purse Cake

3D Ethiopian Air Jetliner Cake

Chanel Boy Bag Custom Cake

3D Sculpted Baby Yoda Cake

Egyptian Pyramid Birthday Cake

Rubik's Cube Birthday Cake

Sculpted Motorcycle Cake

Classic Chanel Purse Cake

Gucci Purse Cake

Princess Carriage Cake

Charlie's Colorforms City 3D Cake

3D Sculpted Sea Turtle Cake

3D Sculpted Sea Turtle Cake

3D Sculpted Pillow/Heel Cake

3D Sculpted Nike Shoe Cake

3D Sculpted Bass Fish Cake

3D Sculpted Pillow Cake with Tiara

3D Scupted Loot Llama Fortnite cake

3D Sculpted Designer Boot cake

3D Sculpted FNAF cake

3D Sculpted Harry Potter Cake

3D Sculpted Minion cake

3D Sculpted Red Designer Purse cake

3D Sculpted Pillow/Heel cake

3D Sculpted I am Groot Cake

3D Sculpted McLaren 720s cake

3D Sculpted Red Fish cake

3D Sculpted Designer Heel cake

3D Sculpted Pillow/Heel cake